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Dental Marketing & Dentist Whitening Solutions

Smart dentists choose Whiter Image Dental for their teeth whitening and dental marketing needs because we seamlessly integrate the two together. Not only do we provide industry-leading dentist whitening solutions but we also ensure success via our clients’ Personal Marketing Consulting Program.

Our dental marketing packages are designed to attract new patients, retain existing patients, grow the number one elected cosmetic procedure in the US – teeth whitening, and most importantly help your office increase profitability. Our innovative and award-winning dental whitening solutions include in-office products, take-home whitening products, retail and promotional whitening products, and even a guaranteed-to-work patient referral system.

Contact Whiter Image Dental today for all of your whitening and dental marketing needs.

david hornbrooke
David Hornbrook

“As a dentist, you need to look for a company to partner with that creates value for your practice, and what Whiter Image Dental has done is establish that partnership with you by assigning you a dedicated marketing consultant who will help you increase whitening in your practice and ultimately, the bottom line!”
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Teeth Whitening News Feed

Whiter Image Dental Challenges Employees to Give Back

During a 10-day span in the month of March, Whiter Image Dental employees will take on a Give Back Challenge where they will be tasked with donating to their favorite charity, sending notes of … [Read More...]

Whiter Image Dental Offers Valentine’s Day Discount

Whiter Image Dental is offering a Valentine’s Day discount on orders of their Chic Flic Pen along with free marketing materials to help them advertise the popular teeth whitening product. … [Read More...]

White Blitz Offers New Pricing Special in Support of Eyelash Entrepreneurs

White Blitz is providing eyelash artists an additional revenue stream with attractive pre-filled teeth whitening kits that the salons can provide clients in conjunction with eyelash extensions. … [Read More...]

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