Custom Trays and Syringes

For the ultimate in at-home teeth whitening, Whiter Image Dental is pleased to offer custom whitening trays as well as refill teeth whitening syringes. These products are designed for the patient who enjoys the convenience of teeth whitening at-home with the effectiveness of a professional whitening system. Each of the below products contain teeth whitening gel syringes that are applied directly onto the mouthpiece that will be worn by the patient for about half an hour at a time. The teeth whitening syringes are easy-to-use, extremely convenient, and help your patients to look their best.

Offer our custom trays and teeth whitening syringes as retail or promotional items and benefit from repeat visits, word-of-mouth referrals and sustained profitability. Contact Whiter Image Dental today to start carrying all of these great products in your office.

Available Custom Tray and Syringe Solutions:

take home whitening kit

Take Home Whitening Kit

Offers your patients a convenient take-home system that includes our proprietary, premium strength whitening gel designed for sensitive teeth and a storage container for custom trays.

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4 Pack of Syringes

4 Pack Refill Syringes for Custom Trays

When your patients are ready for more whitening gel, this convenient 4-pack will help them maintain their white smile.

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30 Pack of Syringes-2

30 Pack Individually Wrapped Syringes

If you prefer offering whitening gel syringes to your patients one or just a few at a time, this pack offers 30 individually wrapped syringes for convenient, sanitary take-home use. These are also perfect for promotional giveaways.

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