Whiter Image Curing Light

Click For a Printable Product BrochureWhiter Image Curing Lightrequest more info With high-intensity output over 1,400 mW/cm², the LED curing light is designed for fast-curing all brands of resins. The light operates within the 430-nm ~ 480-nm wave-length. Lightweight and cordless, the light features 3 pre-programmed working modes and a slim body that encases cool, silent operation which enhances user and patient comfort. Its super-capacity Lithium-ion battery will last for hours before having to recharge. The light is comparable to the best LED curing lights on the market in terms of quality and convenience features, but at only a fraction of their costs.

  • Designed to reach hard to cure spots
  • Slim, lightweight, and cordless
  • Super-capacity lithium-ion battery
  • 3 pre-programmed working modes
  • Click here for a one page brochure

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