Inner Circle Update 01-19-2012

Good Afternoon, and we hope you enjoy the first issue of the Whiter Image Dental Inner Circle for 2012! 2011 proved itself to be a year of growth and expansion for Whiter Image Dental. Given the typical story heard about businesses in America, our story is atypical to say the least.

  • Sales team growth
  • Market expansion throughout the US and Internationally
  • New Product Growth
  • Increased brand recognition…

I could go on…

I’m not merely saying these things to boast or “show off” in any way, but instead, to show appreciation for your role in helping to get us to this stage in our growth!

Now, here are a few things we have on the horizon that are sure to make 2012 an even more remarkable year:

Whiter Image Dental in the News
We recently launched an official Press Release announcing our partnership with Mortenson Dental. We are officially the 50+ location practice’s whitening solution of choice. Here is a link to the article:

Upcoming Shows:
Here are the next major shows we will be attending this quarter

  • Rocky Mountain Dental
  • Yankee Dental
  • Dental Congress at the Caribbean
  • Utah Dental Conference
  • Chicago Mid-Winter
  • Hinman Dental Show
  • Big Apple Dental Meeting
  • Western Regional Dental Convention

Product Features:
Look for us in this month’s issue of Dentistry Today Magazine’s Top Products Section. Our full line was featured as one of their Top Products from the October 2011 issue. Here’s a snapshot:

Dentistry Today Magazine’s Top Products - Whiter Image

But wait, there’s more…Our Self Impression Home Edition Kit was also featured in Dental Product Shopper’s New Products Section in their upcoming January Issue. Here’s a snapshot of the article:

Dental Product Shopper’s New Products

Whiter Image Dental Mini Pen:
In the next month, we will be launching the Whiter Image Dental Mini Pen! This 2.5ml whitening pen is a very cost-effective tool for dentists to use as a marketing tool in conjunction with social media vehicles like Facebook. Having a Facebook “LIKE” Pen can create a nice buzz for the practice. The pen will be retailing for only $7.50 each and contains the same whitening blend that’s in our Whiter Image To Go Whitening Pen.
Here’s a quick shot:

Whiter Image Dental Mini Pen

About Keith Rodbell

Keith Rodbell is a Partner and Director of Sales for Whiter Image Dental, an innovative leader in the teeth whitening industry with an approach that delivers outstanding results for patients and marketing performance solutions for any dental practice. He is primarily responsible for developing, managing and implementing the company’s domestic and international strategic partnerships and sales strategies. | Keith may be reached by calling 1-877-944-8330 or by email at

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