Whiter Image Deluxe Self-Impression Take Home Kit

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Kit Components:

Teeth Whitening at Home

Patients are advertised teeth whitening solutions everywhere – over-the-counter, via toothpaste, mouthwash, whitening strips, at the dentist, and everywhere else they look. As teeth whitening at home has become more mainstream patients are looking for better, more affordable solutions and particularly ones that fit into their busy schedules. With the Whiter Image Deluxe Self-Impression Take Home Kit patients can conveniently and effectively do teeth whitening at home with the added benefit of professional-grade results. Our take-home whitening kit makes for an ideal retail or promotional tool that you can use to boost word-of-mouth referrals, enhance patient satisfaction and to make your practice a retail profit center. This easy-to-use take home whitening kit provides an instant-impression mouthpiece and multiple whitening syringes to make whitening at home a breeze.We also offer refill whitening syringes individually packed or in four-pack refills to help with your patient retention efforts. Contact Whiter Image Dental today to improve customer satisfaction and your profits.

  • Revolutionary instant-impression mouthpiece offers custom results without the hassle of retail whitening strips or boil-and-bite trays
  • Offers 4 advanced 3 ml whitening syringes with 15-17 applications
  • Uses the proprietary gel formula of 12% Hydrogen Peroxide with added Potassium Nitrate for sensitivity
  • Our unique hybrid gel blend offers the accelerated whitening results of Hydrogen Peroxide with Carbamide Peroxide for stability and to reduce or eliminate sensitivity
  • Convenient tray storage case
  • Instructions for use
  • Perfect teeth whitening at home solution!

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