Whiter Image Encourages You to Give the Gift of a Smile

Teeth whitening remains the number one most requested cosmetic dentistry procedure in the country and Whiter Image is making it easy to bring holiday cheer into the lives of your loved ones with affordable at-home whitening gifts. [Read more...]

Explaining to Patients Why Ongoing Teeth Whitening is Recommended

Explaining to Patients Why Ongoing Teeth Whitening is RecommendedBecause of the efforts by dentists all over the world, most people now know that they should brush 2-3 times a day and floss daily.  They also know that they need an annual check-up with their dentist as well as a bi-annual cleaning. Over time dentists and hygienists have been able to relay this information and make it ‘stick’.

It is likely that your dental practice probably spends a lot of time on patient education, both in the office during appointments as well as with your brochures, direct mail marketing, and with any online or social media marketing that you do.  Have you started leveraging the potential of marketing in the area of teeth whitening? [Read more...]

Even if Your Patients Aren’t on X Factor They May Want Teeth Whitening

Your patients are influenced by the white smiles they see on others. The American desire to look beautiful is fueled by celebrities, actresses and even unknown individuals who suddenly find themselves vaulted into possible stardom when the public recognizes their talents on reality shows. The camera is often on the faces of all these people. If they are actors, actresses or public speakers, the camera frequently centers on their facial expressions. If they are reality show contestants, the camera highlights their mouths because what they say or how they say it influences how the public perceives their talent. Of course, in some reality shows, including American Idol and X Factor, contestants sing, so America is watching their mouths as they share their talent with the world.

Therefore, reality contestants are treated to beauty treatments and makeovers during the course of their competition. The final 12 contestants on X Factor together with four wildcard contestants are about to begin their climb to fame. Already the network is enhancing contestants’ appearance with beautification, and many of your patients will notice the contestants’ whiter teeth.

All X Factor contestants have recently visited the dentist to receive celebrity teeth whitening treatments. Publicity about the teeth whitening alerts the public that men and women can benefit from an improved smile. Male contestants on X Factor include Rylan Clark, Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur. Other contestants that had teeth whitening gel services were Ella Henderson, Lucy Spraggan, Jade Ellis, and the contestants in the groups GMD3, Union J and MK1. In addition, wildcards Adam Burridge, Christopher Maloney, Amy Mottram and the group Times Red have newly whitened teeth. The over 28s who received whitening were Carolynne Poole, Kye Sones, and Melanie Masson.

Your patients do not have to be in the public limelight in order to enjoy the advantages of teeth whitening. For information on teeth whitening products, contact info@whiterimagedental.com or call 1-877-944-8330.

Help Your Patients Minimize Teeth Stains from Acidic Halloween Candy

Stores are already stocked with candy, and Halloween enthusiasts are thinking about their costumes. Some costumes may even require individuals to stain or yellow teeth temporarily. However, once the costume comes off, your patients want whiter teeth.

Nevertheless, your patients do not think about the acids in candy, or their effects on yellowing white teeth. Keeping large quantities of candy in the house are likely to tempt your patients, and the acids from the candy can discolor white teeth. Your patients may know that candy is unhealthy for their teeth, but they may not realize that certain types of candy can be more damaging to their teeth’s whiteness.

A study by Dr. John Ruby, published in Northwest Dentistry Journal of the Minnesota Dental Association, revealed that sour candies were likely to be more acidic, and therefore, more damaging to teeth than other candy flavors. Additionally, sticky candy that clings to the teeth and takes longer to eat is more damaging to the teeth’s color because acids permeate the mouth longer, so patients may need teeth whitening after eating these kinds of candy.

Encourage your patients to remove sticky and sour candies from the house. Suggest that patients rinse with water after eating candy to reduce the effect of the acids. They may also want to enjoy a piece of cheese, or chew sugarless gum after eating candy, since these activities can also reduce the ability of acids to damage their teeth’s appearance. Additionally, remind patients to plan ahead by scheduling teeth whitening services and cleanings to help minimize tooth discoloration caused by acidic candy.

Some of the best teeth whitening products are available to help your patients whiten teeth that are yellowed from acidic candy. For more information on teeth whitening products, contact Whiter Image Dental at 1-877-944-8330, or visit our website at www.whiterimagedental.com.

Did You Know Your Patients Want You to Offer Them Teeth Whitening Services?

Look around at the media your patients view, and it will be apparent that they want you to offer teeth whitening products and services. Open up a magazine to see models smiling brightly with white teeth. Actors flash megawatt smiles on the big screen. Television personalities serve up smiles that reveal sparkling white teeth and full, sexy lips.

Exposure to beautiful smiles makes your patients dream about whiter teeth. They may browse pharmacy teeth whitening products, but the many choices perplex them. They want to whiten, but they also have concerns about whitening their teeth properly or irritating their gums. They want guidance from their dentist because they know you are an expert when it comes to teeth.

Patients expect their dentists to be able to prepare their teeth for tooth whitening, and explain the teeth whitening options. Their confidence about trying the process increases when they know they are in the hands of professional who regularly whitens teeth. Your expertise can soothe any fears about sensitivity or gum discomfort.

Since patients will be relying on your whitening experience, you can recommend some of the best teeth whitening products on the market. Best of all, your patients are seeking many of the same features in teeth whitening products that your office wants.

Whiter Image Dental’s Teeth Whitening Home Edition Kits are easy to use, affordable and do not require time in the dental chair. Thus, you can make a sale without expending a lot of time, and your patients save time too. Our in-office teeth whitening kits have pre filled trays that are mess free and whiten teeth quickly. Whiter Image Dental Teeth Whitening Pens and our Chic Flic Pen are easy to sell for whitening touch ups or are perfect for giveaways.

Visit our website to see what other dentists are saying about our products. Call-1-877-944-8330, or email us at info@whiterimagedental.com to order our products or make inquiries.

Stress Can Make Your Patients Need Teeth Whitening

Your patients deal with stress, anxiety and frustration daily. Sometimes they may develop habits that can harm their body or damage their appearance when they are stressed. For example, many people bite their nails, pick their cuticles, nibble on pen caps or grind their teeth. Often your patients are caught up in their thoughts, and do not even realize that they are engaging in these activities. Unfortunately, nervous habits that involve their teeth can damage their enamel, and ultimately lead to tooth discoloration. Your patients rely on you to identify the damage, minimize it and improve their smiles with teeth whiteners.

Patients who complain about yellow teeth may be the same patients who harm their teeth with these bad habits. If you fit them with a mouth guard and they whiten their teeth, they may be more motivated to use the mouth guard to prevent tooth damage caused by stress because they will want to keep their whiter smile.

Whiter Image Dental offers some of themost effective teeth whitening systems for use in the office and at home, all of which are designed with sensitivity in mind. Patients can choose the Whiter Image 2 Patient Whitening Kit that has a premixed 35% hydrogen peroxide solution that is easily applied in the office, formulated to minimize sensitivity, and mess free. The Whiter Image Deluxe Self-Impression Take Home Kit provides effective whitening less expensively and uses a unique blend  of hydrogen peroxide and Carbamide teeth bleaching gel. Your patients may also enjoy whitening teeth with a whitening pen. They can try a Whiter Image Dental Teeth Whitening Pen.

For a more thorough overview of our teeth whitening products, visit Whiter Image Dental’s website. Our sales associates are available to answer inquiries about our affordable teeth whiteners at 1-877-944-8330. You can also contact us at info@whiterimagedental.com.

New Mothers Deserve a Brighter, Whiter Smile

Pregnant patients may ask you about teeth whitening when they schedule dental examinations. Often pregnant patients are concerned about yellow teeth, particularly if they suffer from morning sickness. When patients vomit, the acidic food penetrates their enamel, which enhances the likelihood of staining.

Cleaning your pregnant patients’ teeth and showing them the best techniques to maintain whiter teeth will help improve their smiles. Providing your patients with literature and information about teeth whitening will keep their interest in tooth whitening, but advise them to whiten teeth after they have the baby. Your patients will feel confident that you are concerned about the health of their fetus when you explain that they are likely to swallow some teeth bleaching gel when they whiten their teeth. Remind pregnant women, who may be disappointed that they cannot whiten their teeth immediately, that they will be receiving many visitors when they give birth.

Discuss teeth whitening options and make recommendations, so your patients know which teeth whitening system will whiten their teeth effectively. Tell them about Whiter Image Dental’s 2 Patient Whitening Kit. You can also show them our Whiter Image Dental Whitening Pen or Chic Flic Lip Plumping Pen to help maintain their newfound smile. New mothers will love the ease of a tooth whitening pen that they can carry in a purse, diaper bag or pocket. Your patients will have time to think about the teeth whiteners they want to use, and they can schedule a post birth whitening appointment.

Whiter Image Dental’s whitening products are some of the best teeth whitening methods for new mothers because they are gentle, affordable and effective. Contact info@whiterimagedental.com, or dial 1-877-944-8330, so we can provide you with information and products that will help you whiten your patients’ teeth, including those patients who have recently given birth.

Getting Your Patients Ready for In-office Teeth Whitening

Patients may be anxious about whitening teeth themselves, so they want inexpensive in-office tooth whitening. Since you will carefully monitor painless in-office teeth whitening systems, your patients may feel less anxious about whitening their teeth. Nevertheless, before patients elect to have in-office whitening, they want to know what to expect.

Explain that in-office teeth whitening kits contain a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide in the teeth bleaching gel. Therefore, the whitening agents penetrate the enamel quicker than teeth whitening gel formulated for home use.

Patients may want details about how you apply in-office teeth whitening products before they elect them. Explain that you will clean their teeth and use a tool to expose them to make it easier to see which teeth are visible when they smile. Indicate that you will apply a solution to their gums that will reduce or eliminate gum irritation. Inform them that the teeth bleaching gel in Whiter Image Dental’s 2 Patient Whitening Kit contains potassium nitrate, which reduces sensitivity and promotes patient comfort during the teeth whitening process.

Patients will also have concerns about maintaining their bright smiles, so using one of the best home teeth whiteners is important because their teeth may come in contact with stain causing foods and beverages. Our Whiter Image Teeth Whitening Pen and Chic Flic Pen contain teeth bleaching gel in a portable, stylish tube that patients can apply anywhere. Our Chic Flic Pen has two convenient tips; patients can use one side as a lip plumper and the other to keep their teeth white.

Click on our Whiter Image Dental website to find out about our inexpensive teeth whitening products, and see what other dentists are saying about our in-office prefilled trays. Contact info@whiterimagedental.com or call 1-877-944-8330. Our quality whitening products and excellent service can expand your business.

Patients Can Get Ready for School with Teeth Whitening

Parents often schedule dental appointments for their children before school starts. Teens and college students receiving professional teeth cleaning will like the way their teeth sparkle, but stubborn teeth stains may concern them. They frequently have social pressures and worry about their self-image.

When teens and college students have a dental exam, it is the ideal opportunity to reinforce the importance of properly caring for their teeth. You can also verify whether they are happy with their smile. Advise teens and college students that teeth whitening products can tremendously boost their appearance and confidence.

Some teens and college students may be interested in whitening their teeth but may have budget concerns. For other students, parents may be footing the bill. Either way, Whiter Image Dental whitening products are priced extremely competitively, so all patients will receive an excellent value. If students are still unsure about whether to whiten their yellow teeth, provide them with a promotional Whiter Image Dental Mini Teeth Whitening Pen. This compact tooth whitener fits in a pocket, and students can brush it on enamel to see fast whitening results.

When they return to school, their whiter smile will help them project a positive outlook because they will smile more often. If students like their smiles, they will want to have their teeth professionally cleaned regularly.

Offering your patients Whiter Image Dental’s high quality teeth whitening products lets them have whiter teeth at an affordable price. Use our Whiter Image Dental 2 Patient Whitening Kit with or without our Premium LED Whitening Light in the office. Your patients may also prefer the economical option of whitening their teeth with our at-home whitening kit or our Teeth Whitening Pens. Female students will love our Chic Flic Pen, which plumps lips and whitens teeth.

Contact info@whiterimagedental.com or call 1-877-944-8330 to learn more about our revolutionary teeth whiteners.

Teeth Whitening Pens May Tempt a Patient Reluctant to Whiten

Are your patients’ teeth starting to stain? They may have even browsed whitening products in a pharmacy or market. Do they ask questions about white strips, whitening kits or whitening tooth paste? After receiving information, maybe they have not tried any whiteners. Perhaps, they do not feel confident using whiter teeth home remedies. They may worry they will not apply whitening strips properly, or they may be uncomfortable using teeth whitening trays.

These patients may find teeth whitening pens less intimidating to use. Patients are comfortable using standard pens, which they hold the same way as a tooth whitening pen. Show patients the best way to use a whitening pen by demonstrating how to move the pen, so the tip rotates and releases whitening gel. Tell your patients to brush the gel on their teeth so that it lightly coats them. The whitening pens have active ingredients that include hydrogen peroxide that whitens teeth. Encourage patients to have an examination, so you can advise them whether their oral health and existing dental work makes whitening pens a viable option.

A great marketing tip involves providing patients with a complimentary Mini Teeth Whitening Pen. The promotional whitening pen lets patients try the whitener and view the results. Offer patients teeth whitening tips such as whitening immediately after drinking dark beverages, using it multiple times a day and applying only a thin coat.

White Image Dental offers your patients a choice of two whitening pens. Our traditional Whitening Pen whitens teeth while giving patients minty breath. Our Chic-Flic Teeth Whitening & Lip Gloss Plumper Pen lets patients enhance the beauty of lips and teeth while making your mouth minty fresh. Both user-friendly, convenient whitening pens are easy to market and provide whiter smiles your patients will see quickly. Contact info@whiterimagedental.com or call 1.877.944.8330 for more information.

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