ToGo Teeth Whitening Pen

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To Go is a portable, professional grade whitening pen for on-the-go use. The fast acting formula effectively removes stains caused by coffee and wine for a bright,white smile without any trays, strips, or rinsing. Great for use on its own or for maintaining whiteness in-between treatments. The invigorating mint flavor freshens breath.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Powerful whitening agent removes deep stains quickly.
Peppermint Oil: Freshens breath and invigorates the mouth for a clean feeling.
Potassium Nitrate: Protects teeth from sensitivity commonly associated with bleaching.
Polyacrylic Acid: Helps strengthen and harden tooth enamel.

• Highly effective 9% Hydrogen Peroxide gel for quick results.
• Mint flavored for fresher breath.
• Easy brush-on applicator with NO trays, strips, or rinsing.
• Helps instantly dissolve stains on teeth.
• 4.5 ml of stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide.
• For stand alone whitening or post-whitening maintenance.
• For use by men and women.

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